Gymnastic Rings Workout Set with Adjustable Straps for Full Body Strength Training and Bodyweight Crossfit Exercise

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BEST RATED GYM RINGS ON THE MARKET; Includes 2 Gymnastic Rings with straps and adjusting buckles; The rings are made of textured, grippable wood (to reduce slippage associated with sweaty hands)which is stronger, more durable and of higher quality material then ABS plastic rings and are capable of supporting up to 2,000 lbs making them the best quality gymnastics rings on the market
TAKES 5 MINUTES TO SET UP, USE AND ADJUST providing you with a great home gym substitute
UNLIMITED BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES; Ring training is a very mobile and versatile way to engage your muscles and core with exercises such as pullups, pushups, dips, rows, muscle ups for a functional and varied free range of movement; Great for kids to use in the backyard and for avid exercise lovers to use in the gym or anywhere they can safely hang them
THE PROPER WAY TO INSTALL THE STRAPS is to go from underneath the buckle and slide the straps in the same direction the arrow on the buckle is pointing to; Note where the arrow points on the buckle for proper installation; Proper installation will ensure that your straps will be secure and non slip
DEVELOP the aesthetically pleasing physique of a gymnast while strengthening your core, tendons, joints and accessory muscles

Brand:Bandify(Logo Customize Accept)

Package:1 set into a paper box;44*49*27cm£»12Pcs into the carton

Size:The inner diameter of the ring is 17.5 cm, the outer diameter is 23.5 cm, and the ring thickness is 32MM. The strap is a high-strength nylon braided belt with a width of 2.8 cm and a length of 4.5 meters