Pilates Bar Kit for Women

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¡¾2020 Upgraded 3-Section Pilates Bar Kit with 2 Powerful Latex Resistance Bands¡¿The Pilates stick is Greatly designed with 2 nature resistance bands, assembly Removable design for any fitness level with an all-in-one full-body workout. A powerful, durable, potable and multi-functional home gym equipment.
¡¾Assembly for Potable Home Gym¡¿The installed length is 92cm, and the two sides can be detachably connected. The diameter of the pole is 3cm, and the length of the tension rope on both sides is 100cm. It is easy to carry and install, and weighs 700g.
¡¾Nature Latex Resistance Bands with Adjustable Tension¡¿The Pilates stick features 2 pics nature latex resistance bands that can be stretched to 6 times its length without breaking. Simply roll the tubes around the bar to reach your desired amount of tension for a variety of exercises for an all-over-body yoga strength workout.
¡¾All-in-one Powerful Gym Equipment¡¿The Pilates stick is designed as an all-in-one gym equipment without the gym to shape body, build muscle, lose weight, and provide a crossfit workout. Tones arms, chest, abs, glutes, legs and butt. Simulates various gym equipment with an all-in-one complete workout- squats, bench press, curls, rowing, etc.

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Package Size:51.0 cm * 13.5 cm * 6.0 cm