Hand Grip Strengthener Wrist Gyro Ball

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Easy To Use - This auto-start wrist trainer power ball adopts the Gyro rotation kernel, it needn't rope to start.
Wrist Fingers Training - This wrist Gyro strengther ball can exercise your wrist hand and training your finger bones forearm phalanges.
High-Quality Long Time Using - shell is made of hard plastic material and is very durable. There is also a non-slip silicone ring on the outside of the shell to keep safe using.
Lower Noise: Metal movement, stable rotation, smooth experience, low noise
Carry Anywhere: The small wrist ball allow you to take and exercise Anytime Anywhere; Provides up to 134 lb-in of torque at 20,000 RPM

Brand:Logo customized accept

Package:1 piece into a bag.

Size:7.0 cm * 7.0 cm * 5.5 cm

Material:Zinc alloy