Adjustable Hula Hoop 8 Sections

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ADJUSTABLE & DETACHABLE DESIGN: The package is 8 sections, 0.8kg and measures 92 cm in diameter. Easy to assemble / detach - easy for storage and transport. So that you can carry it anywhere. You can remove 1 or 2 sections, and then set up 7 sections or 6 sections hoola hoop.
DESIGNED FOR BEGINNERS: The smooth surface design is more suitable for beginners. Exercise hoops with massage bumps serve their purpose, but aren’t ideal for actually working out. We bring you a perfectly smooth design so you can focus on your fitness first, without the distraction! Burning calories is easier!!
SAFE MATERIAL: ABS material is wrapped in soft NBR Foam. Environmentally friendly and 100% safe non-toxic.
FEEL THE BURNING!: The new design makes the waist massage area larger and brings you the feeling of burning fat. Burn more calories!
HIGH GUALITY: We believe in quality, and we believe you should always get what you pay for, and if you ever feel like you did not, just let us know, and we promise we’ll make it right!

When you remove 1 section, it's 7 sections and measures 82cm wide and 0.7kg, suitable for teenagers and adults.

When you remove 2 sections, it's 6 sections and measures 72cm wide and 0.6kg, suitable for kids.

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Package: 1 piece into an opp bag

Size: 92cm wide